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We are a 2 acre homestead in Mars Hill, NC, just 20 minutes from downtown Asheville. We have chickens, honey bees, vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, and flowers! We pride ourselves by following sustainable and organic practices on our homestead. We live and learn from the land, and take it as our responsibility to do our part. We grow all of the vegetables, eggs and fruit that we use in our workshops, and farm dinners.

We use our 2 acre homestead as a model for how you can farm, and produce a tasty and enjoyable life on a small acreage. 

Our Dream

The Farmer's Hands homestead has a dream of informing and inspiring people to learn to cook, ferment, preserve,  and heal themselves with homegrown foods and plants. We teach  our community how to prepare local and fresh food by sharing our homesteading experience and the traditions and knowledge of our ancestors.

We try our best to grow all of our own food, or support the local farmers in these mountains. We grow many varieties of flowers and create bouquets and arrangements for our events. We mend our clothes when the garden soil and summers play begin to weather them. We chop our fire wood when winters cold winds are coming. We bake and the house fills with warmth and the smell of home. 

We want to share the treasures and stories that we've gathered along the way and through blogging, hosting events, and sharing  videos and photos, we share our vision for a simpler time. 

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About Us

An authentic and entertaining guided tour adventure where sustainable farmers share their passion and knowledge. Full day tours include a farm sourced lunch and afternoon tours include a tasting.

Address: Asheville, North Carolina

Phone: 📞  828-357-7343


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