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Asheville Farm To Table Tours

What Is a Farm To Table Tour?

It’s like Farm Camp for gourmet cooks, gardeners, foodies, nature and animal lovers. Connect with the source of wholesome food in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Asheville Farm To Table Tours provides fun, educational, and delicious adventures for individuals, couples, groups, or the whole family!

Visit sustainable family farms and enjoy a personally guided tour with the farmer, each of whom shares a unique approach to farming. Each tour has been carefully planned with attention to every detail. Many farms have a store where you can purchase fresh items from the source.

Afternoon and full-day tour packages to local Appalachian farms are ready for you. Learning about local food — and where it comes from — will heighten your enthusiasm and change the way you experience your food. Celebrating the age-old tradition of community and fresh wholesome ingredients, our farm-to-table tours deliver a fun, meaningful day at Farm Camp.

“We felt like we were learning what goes on behind the scenes.”

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1:00pm - 5:30pm 

Cheese tasting included, but not lunch

All Transportation included

"$75 pp

*Plus Taxes & Fees

BYO Wine/Beer to enjoy during the cheese tasting

9:30am - 3:45pm

Lunch included with this tour

All Transportation included

$99 pp

*Plus Taxes & Fees

Wine/Beer available for purchase during lunch

10:30am - 3:45pm

Lunch included with this tour

All Transportation included

$99 pp

*Plus Taxes & Fees

     BYO Wine/Beer to enjoy with cheese tasting and/or with lunch

9:20am - 3:00pm

Lunch Included with this Tour!

All Transportation included

$125 pp

*Plus Taxes & Fees

You may be able to bring your own wine or beer to enjoy with your lunch
Please check with us for confirmation

Born on a Mountain, Raised in The Valley Tour

Farm Tour Details:

  • 1 PM Every Wednesday afternoon
  • Duration is approximately 4-4.5  hours

On Wednesdays begin your adventure just after lunch, when we head to Round Mountain Creamery

At Round Mountain Creamery they lovingly raise friendly LaMancha and alpine goats. These goats produce delicious grade A milk from which they produce several types of flavorful soft goat cheeses on site. Enjoy meeting these wonderful animals, and if it is the right time, we might even get to feed the cute baby goats! Enjoy touring the milking parlor and peeking at the cheese making operation. This creamery visit always includes a tasting of these truly special cheeses. You may also bring your own wine to enjoy during the cheese tasting.

Round mountain Creamery also has cheese available for purchase that you can take home with you.

From Round Mountain Creamery we head over the hills to Her Heartbeat Farm, managed by Wind and Marty Carrier. This picturesque farm is nestled in a mountain valley just south of Old Fort.  They focus on raising heirloom produce, berries, and heritage chickens that are pastured and on organic feed.  They believe in living with the land, thus taking care of the Earth's heartbeat, after all, hers is the heartbeat of all living things!  Before coming to Old Fort, Wind and Marty raised and farmed with Belgian draft horses, but have scaled down to a small, 7 acre, cozy farm.

You will find their produce and eggs at the Black Mountain and Marion Tailgate Markets, and in their multifarm CSA shares.  They also have an art studio on the farm where they handcraft leather goods and rawhide ceremonial hand drums which are also available at the markets they attend.

We arrive back in Asheville about 5:30PM

(Occasionally different farms may be substituted)

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Farmers & Flavors of Appalachia Tour


Beginning Spring 2019 Farm Tour Details:

We meet at 9:30am for the The Farmers and Flavors of Appalachia Tour and head north of Asheville into Madison County, NC, known as the Jewel of the Blue Ridge. Our first visit is to Highgate Farm, a Certified Naturally Grown market garden and off-grid homestead located in the scenic Walnut Mountains. This lovely produce farm is nestled creek side in a picturesque valley. Inspired by the traditional French Market Garden, these farmers provide great attention to detail and produce a broad selection of high quality and specialty produce, herbs, and flowers to area tailgate markets, and CSA members. As a small scale CNG farm, their practices are closely aligned with Organic standards, employ a small 4WD and walk-behind tractors, hand tools, drip irrigation, a passive solar propagation house, spun row cover, NOP compliant inputs and integrated pest management (IPM).

From Highgate Farm we travel to beautiful East Fork Farm. Family owned and operated, this farm raises rainbow trout, stone ground cornmeal and grits, grass fed lamb, beef, pork, poultry, farm fresh eggs, all without added hormones or routine antibiotics. Their mission is to employ sustainable farming practices by producing not only superior tasting and healthy products but also preserving and enhancing the ecological health of our farmland and water. Following the farm tour, guests will have the opportunity to visit their wonderful farm store and purchase products directly from the farm.

From East Fork our scenic route takes us southwest into Historic Marshall, NC, the county seat, home to the historic Madison County Courthouse, a Classical Revival style building built in 1907. Just down the street we find our special lunch spot, Star Diner, located in the former 1920s-built old Gulf filling station that has been converted to a cozy dining room with an eclectic atmosphere. Executive Chef Brian Sonoskus & Chef de Cuisine Will Hogancamp have been thrilling patrons since day one with their unique take on traditional dishes. A delicious lunch is provided with the tour. Wine and beer will be available for purchase with the meal.

(Occasionally different farms may be substituted)


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Cheese, Glass, Flower Blast Experience Tour

Participating Farms:


Farm Tour Details:


  • 10:30 Meet for the tour and greet your fellow farm adventurers
  • First settled around 1783, Fairview, only slightly larger than six square miles, is an area rich in history, beauty and multi generational farming
  • Our first stop is the very special Flying Cloud Farm where they grow vegetables, berries, and flowers using sustainable methods without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides.
  • Next stop is Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery a truly special place conceived of by artist Victor Chiarizia.  The handmade cheese created by Victor and his staff reflect traditional techniques with a flair of ingenuity. Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery is the only creamery in Western North Carolina that ages cheese in a natural rock-wall cave carved out of the land.  Victor’s artistic talent also makes itself known with his glass sculptures that decorate the landscape. Visitors receive a guided tour of where the cheese is made, visit the cave where the cheese is aged, and are rewarded with a tasting of some of the creameries best cheeses.  A visit to Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. Victor’s cheeses are available for purchase and you may bring your own wine to enjoy during the cheese tasting.
  • For lunch we visit Little Round Farmhouse, a small homestead, bakery and farm started in 2015 by Dominic and Dov Deustachio.  They bake and sell bread at local farmers markets and festivals.  In addition they raise rabbits and chickens for meat, eggs and compost, grow produce for themselves and their community
  • Occasionally for lunch, we visit either the Straightaway Cafe or Roots and Fruits
  • Straightaway Cafe, a cafe, pub, and music venue set in the twisted pastoral farmland of highway 9 is about fostering community with humans near and far using our passions for good music, good food, and good service. We do five free family-friendly music shows a week. We're proud to serve local meats and produce
  • Roots and Fruits mission is to help build a local food community by working with local farmers and producers to supply a small neighborhood market.  At less then a quarter acre they've created the garden as a large educational part of their business. Not only do they produce enough food to sell in the market and cook in the kitchen but it demonstrates where food actually comes from, the earth. They use organic practices and many permaculture based concepts,  raise chickens for eggs, grow annuals, perennials, fruit trees, and grow all year long through large and small hoop house cold frames.
  • Between 3:15 and 3:30 we are back in the van for a 3:45 -4:30 arrival back in Asheville

(Occasionally different farms may be substituted)

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The Art & Agriculture Adventure Tour

Farm & Art Tour Details:

  • This wonderful  full day tour is a collaboration between Art Connections and Asheville Farm To Table Tours
  • Mondays - June 24, 2019 ~ July 8, 2019 ~ July 22, 2019
  • Duration is approximately 6  hours
  • Tour includes lunch

Asheville is known nationally as a mecca for fine craft with hundreds of professional artists in the region, and Western NC’s communities have a long history centered around farming as a way of life.  Our line up of farms and artists give you an up close experience visiting places that will delight your curiosity and engage you with the beauty of this region.

We’ll start our day with a visit to an Alpaca farm where we’ll see and meet the animals, then visit their charming farm store where we can shop for the products that are made from their fleece.  This farm, nestled in picturesque rolling hills, grows their own hay, has gardens and is ‘all organic’ in their approach.  They’ll even share how you can start your own herd of alpacas!

Following the fiber farm we’ll travel a few miles to a lovely pottery studio where we’ll visit with the artist and see a demonstration in the studio.  This artist works in porcelain clay and she’ll have a wide variety of functional finished pieces as well as some in process for us to enjoy.  An interesting bonus is hearing how she built her studio with community help in a non-traditional adobe style.

A delicious picnic lunch is next on the agenda from a local independent (and award winning) café & bakery.   In the case of inclement weather we’ll switch from picnic to going to the café.

Following lunch, participants will proceed on the tour to a daylily flower farm.  At this location we’ll see hundreds of daylilies at their peak and learn about the propagation of these flowers.  The immense and colorful variety of daylilies is sure to be a highlight!

At this final venue, our visit will also include a local painting artist sharing a plein air painting demonstration at the flower farm!  Seeing how the painting progresses during our time at the flower farm will be another interesting aspect of the tour.

Each stop in our tour allows for opportunities to see the source of beautiful and professionally made products.  We will learn about the processes used and you’ll have the option of purchasing from a range of price points if you wish.

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An Asheville Farm to Table Tour Makes the Perfect Gift!

Visit Appalachian Family Farms

Farm Tour Grist Mill Resized

Enjoy a personally guided experience as you and a small group discover unique family farms in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Meet Local Farmers

fresh from the field N

Gain a true appreciation of where food comes from when you meet the farmers and their families of beautiful Western North Carolina.

Taste Local Food

Farm to Table Lunch R

Food never tasted so fresh and delicious as when you enjoy it straight from the farms you visit.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

We had a great day with Anne on the farm to table tour.  . My boys really enjoyed seeing all the baby animals. The last farm was a small vegetable farm owned by a chef and his wife. He made us a DELICIOUS lunch all from his garden or local farms.  We all enjoyed the tour including my 13 and 11 year old boys. Read full review at Trip Advisor

Visited July 2016
Lisa K         

We got to see three farms, meet the people who owned them and did the work.  This was topped off by a delicious lunch. I eagerly recommend this tour to everyone.
Read full review at Trip Advisor

Visited July 2016
Frank C        

Visiting the farms and Spinning Spider Creamery was more interesting than I had expected. Very glad my wife recommended the tour. Then we went to a very small farm and had a first class meal there.

Read full review at Trip

Visited May 2016
Bob Ward

What a fantastic tour to Asheville area farms!  We were treated to tastes at the farms and then ended with a great lunch. The farmers were wonderful and made time to answer questions.  What a great addition to Asheville tourism !

Read full review at Trip

Visited July 2016
Christine S C  

I had a wonderful time visiting three great farms in Madison county, the day could not have been much better really! Was lovely and relaxing and we ended up with full bellies, one of the best meals I've ever had...will definitely do it again and highly recommend.

Read full review at Trip

Visited June 2016

Thank you so much for today... Just WOW! We really enjoyed the Farm to Table tour, and all that you put into making this a unique experience. From exploring a working farm, to watching cheese being made to having the combination of all three in an amazing meal prepared at a homestead. This will be an experience we won't forget.

Read full review at Trip

Visited May 2016
Mary Miller

Great experience! Ann is knowledgeable and has put together a well balanced fun as well as delicious day! A 'must do' whether you consider yourself a foodie or not.

Read full review at Trip

Visited June 2016
Kyle R         

We had a wonderful day visiting 3 gorgeous Fairview farms on our tour. We saw flowers and veggies, tasted amazing cave-aged raw milk cows's cheese, and ended visiting the baby goats and chickens at Hickory Nut Gap. Lunch was delicious. Highly recommended...

Read full review at Trip

Visited May 2016
Erin W        

Ann is the perfect guide to a full-filled day. We visited three beautiful farms and enjoyed a fabulous feast at the end of our journey. This is a tour you will not want to miss!

Read full review at Trip

Visited June 2016

Had a great time visiting a small ranch farm, a goat farm cheese creamery, and a homesteaded farm where we had a delicious meal prepared from all local veggies, meats, and cheeses. Family visitors plan to do this tour when they arrive this summer.

Read full review at Trip

Visited May 2016
RB Ward       

What a unique experience!  Such a beautiful drive thru the countryside of Madison County which is easy to see fits the tag, "Jewel of the Blue Ridge".  Sebastian, a young professional Chef from Holland and New York, prepared a delicious lunch for us in his kitchen that included ingredients from each of the farms we visited What a enjoyable day………
Read full review at Trip

Visited May 2016
Brenda W    

The tour of the farms was wonderful. Seeing the beautiful WNC countryside, hearing about the farms directly from the farmers and then enjoying a fantastic meal crafted from the local ingredients made for a very special day!

Read full review at Trip

Visited May 2016
Mary Z         

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